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2015 Map of key west for You know, some sort of ESP (extrasensory perception) or your subconscious at work ? you know how the subconscious can play tricks.’ I’m sorry,’ I tell them, my subconscious was blank in regards to spiritual matters. So this experience of God cannot come from a blank sheet.’ Maybe in your inner self you wanted to become a nun, and this is the result of your suppressed desire or imagination,’ they continue. I have always been free and have never felt suppressed. And how do you explain the knowledge of spiritual matters in someone like me who had not even received an hour of catechism? Does that come from my imagination? Also what about the conversions of so many people who have been exposed to these Messages? Is that caused by my imagination as well?’ Some clergy have decided that all these mysterious happenings were not my imagination or encounters with God, but rather tricks of the devil, as my old friend Fr. Jim had thought. 2015 Map of key west 2016.

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