2015 Map of kefalonia

2015 Map of kefalonia for ‘ I meant that I intended to travel further north than Sweden. They looked up surprised and one of them said, laughing: There is nobody up there, only bears and reindeer!’ I was told later that I stared back at him and said, very solemnly, Yes, there is one soul up there.’ Anyone who knows me well is fully aware that I hate cold weather. I am a Mediterranean and desert’ person. For this reason it would have been out of character for me to travel to places that polar bears call home. Nevertheless, after the trip, when we were all back home, as I prepared supper one evening, one of the Swedes telephoned me to say, You were quite right on the boat. There is a person up there in Lapland who has called, inviting you to give your testimony. 2015 Map of kefalonia 2016.

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