2015 Map of johor bahru

2015 Map of johor bahru for The Priest, who represented Christ, was supposed to open the box and allow the Dove to fly around us giving us great joy! He did not want to keep us waiting so he opened the box and out came the Dove. When the people saw the Dove flying above them, they felt exhilarated with joy and when the Dove flew lower, coming close to them, they all exclaimed great ahhh’s! Their enthusiasm and excitement filled the church. For a time the Dove continued to fly around in circles. I noticed that quite often the Dove approached me. We all lifted our arms high in the air, hoping to attract the Dove to come to perch on our hands. We knew that the Dove in the end would choose one of us, and we also knew that the person chosen would be greatly privileged. While the Dove was circling above us I felt convinced in my heart that we knew each other and were somehow friends. 2015 Map of johor bahru 2016.

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