2015 Map of iowa

2015 Map of iowa for Smiling, He invited me to write down His Message. But what I heard next was not what I would have expected. Footnotes 1 Psalms 4: 3 2 March 18, 1987 The Mission Jesus asked, Tell me, which house is more important your house or My House?’ Without hesitation I said, Your House, Lord.’ Revive My House, embellish My House and unite My House.’ I had no clue that the Lord’s House ? the Church ? was divided. I always believed the Church was one and only nationalities changed. I was shocked when I heard this, and almost whimpering I said, But how? I know nothing!’ Remain nothing, for in your nothingness I shall show My power, My authority and that I AM. 2015 Map of iowa 2016.

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