2015 Map of hyderabad

2015 Map of hyderabad for I will not shut the door in your face. I tell you truly that I can forgive a million times and with My Arms open I stand before you, asking you to come to Me and feel this love I have to give you ? come all you who avoid Me and fear Me, all you who do not know Me, come nearer to Me and you will understand that I am a God full of love, full of pity and full of mercy ?’2 Fr. Jim was adamant and begged me to stop writing, if only for a few days, to see what would happen. I did so, but I prayerfully asked for a clear, specific Message from God. In reply, I received: I, Yahweh, am guiding you.’ Nothing more. After three or four months of this back and forth with Fr. 2015 Map of hyderabad 2016.

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