2015 Map of gujarat

2015 Map of gujarat for Once, in Brazil, where a crowd of 26,000 people had gathered in a stadium hall to hear my witnessing and pray together with them, a possessed man was present. The Bishop in attendance has never forgotten the following incident that took place. As soon as I began to share my experiences with God and read out to them the Messages, the possessed man, who was perched quite high up in the stand, started to shout out like a hundred loudspeakers: I don’t want to hear God’s words anymore! I know you come from God and I suffer when I hear them!’ He was about to throw himself down from that considerable height. Suddenly, the entire crowd, being charismatic Christians, and as though they were all programmed, turned spontaneously with their hands raised towards him, and prayed for his deliverance. The man dropped to the ground with a sudden thud on the hard floor and lay inert for some time. After a while as we were still praying over him, he got up, a bit shaken, and looked around him bewildered, as if coming out from sleep, and again after a few minutes, he lifted his arms up high and started to praise God for His Mercy and for having delivered him from the demon. Prayers and worship keep the demons away. 2015 Map of gujarat 2016.

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