2015 Map of frankfurt airport

2015 Map of frankfurt airport for This sight was both awesome and sad. They looked like soldiers who had lost a war and had been taken prisoners to be judged, without any power left in them.’ Here is the Message God gave revealing this vision: My angels who had been given supreme authority rebelled against Me and destruction took the best out of them. My Justice did not spare them; they were thrown down to the underworld to wait for the Day of Judgment; they too will be judged before the very eyes of everyone; and ah! ? What a terrible sight that will be! I will judge everyone according to what he has done and not done; in front of My Throne everyone will stand in silence and in awe for the Day of this final Judgment will be so dreadful that it will make everyone tremble with fright in front of the Supreme Judge that I Am. You will all see a huge number of fallen angels who were driven out of Heaven and fought in bitterness and spite against Michael the Archangel and his Angels. Yes. Yes, your eyes will see My Rivals, the Rivals of the Holy One, of the Anointed One; you will all see those fallen angels, adepts of Lucifer, the primeval serpent who tried to lead My sons and My daughters all astray; you will see multitudes of those who defiled My Name and transgressed My Law; those who refused to be reared and fostered by My Holiness and preferred to be labeled on their forehead by the Deceiver; Vassula, a harsh vision has been shown you. 2015 Map of frankfurt airport 2016.

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