2015 Map of fires in colorado

2015 Map of fires in colorado for I replied that the devil’s latest trick in our times is to pretend he ? and Hell ? do not exist. For that very reason, our Lord had shown me the vision of Hell, so that I would be able to testify to its existence. When a man once told St Padre Pio that he did not believe in Hell, the saint replied dryly, You will believe it when you are there!’ One of my friends asked, What about the fallen angels, are they the same as the demons?’ Yes they are, and they too will be judged severely in that Day of Judgment. God gave me a vision to see them while they were proceeding forward towards His Throne to receive their judgment. I remember in that terrible Day that there was an eerie silence hanging in the air and everything was still. All the souls that were saved and deserved Heaven were standing all around the area leaving a wideopen space in the center. Then from the other end of that wide area I saw a great multitude of these fallen angels moving slowly forward, while dragging their feet with their heads bent down. 2015 Map of fires in colorado 2016.

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