2015 Map of europe quiz

2015 Map of europe quiz for It’s as if a siren goes off in Hell when a person turns to God, and that person is now on the devil’s radar. Why? Because a holy person can change the world and thwart many of the devil’s plans. And so it was that shortly after my encounters with my Angel and my surrender to God, all Hell broke loose ? literally. Satan attacked me in all his fury. As he approached me, it was the exact opposite experience of Daniel’s approach. When Daniel had come to me, I felt joy and peace, when he had told me, God is near you and loves you.’ But now as Satan approached, I immediately sensed hatred and cruelty and I heard his harsh voice yell, Gooooooo!’ I guessed that meant Go’, and that he was saying I should stop speaking with my Angel and God. 2015 Map of europe quiz 2016.

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