2015 Map of enavuris

2015 Map of enavuris for For a moment it seemed as though all of Purgatory was stampeding towards me to receive just a drop of this holy water! And to my amazement, I saw many of them whooshing upwards, like shooting stars being sucked up towards heaven. They were so happy! The funny thing was, as these souls were being relieved of their sufferings, I was still enduring the pain of feeling abandoned by God. Of course I took advantage of their presence to ask them if they had seen my Angel or the One that I had begun to love to folly, but they would give me no reply and dissipated in the fog just as they had appeared. Perhaps God had allowed me to feel how the souls that are in Purgatory suffer from being separated from God. Whatever the reason, my spiritual drought continued. Every day that passed seemed like a year. Despite the busy world around me, I continued to feel desperately alone. 2015 Map of enavuris 2016.

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