2015 Map of earth

2015 Map of earth for The experiences of evil in my earlier years would pale in comparison to what I was about to encounter. I was getting a crash course in the realms of the supernatural, and the dark side would now have its day. To many people nowadays, the whole idea of the devil is a medieval construct ? a horned creature with cloven hooves, depicted in cartoons or in paintings in churches or art galleries ? something to laugh at, or a silly superstition. But you must understand that two invisible armies surround us. The comforting news is that the army of Good Angels is much stronger than the army of the fallen angels. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against Principalities and Powers. But we should never forget that God is far more powerful and stronger than Evil and He definitively conquered Satan in our world through His Son’s suffering on the Cross when Jesus refused to stop loving us right into death ? which is what Satan was trying to get Him to do. 2015 Map of earth 2016.

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