2015 Map of dublin

2015 Map of dublin for I felt I knew Him. My soul recognized Him as a familiar Figure. I asked myself, Is this the Judge who is supposed to be so remote and severe and who easily condemns? Was I so misinformed about Him?’ I just could not believe this was the same God I imagined in the past! And then I remembered: God is slow to anger, forgiving, loving, meek and gentle.’ That is the true God! The feeling that I was standing before the Face of the Absolute surpasses my capacity to explain with ordinary words. Somehow I knew in my soul that He winked at me and was amused, and at the same time delighted, perhaps because I was so bewildered and in awe. He spoke again in my very being and the moment I heard His Voice I had no doubt that He was my Creator and Father. Every bone in me recognized Him as He said, Behold, I am your Father. 2015 Map of dublin 2016.

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