2015 Map of dorset

2015 Map of dorset for These are His words: I come to break in splinters the doors of your dungeons and with My Flame melt your chains of sin. I come to free you from your captivity and your iniquity and end up your debaucheries; I mean to save you, generation; even if I must drag you all the way to the desert and speak to you, showing you your aridity and how your whole body is filled up with darkness, I shall do it to save you; ah, creation! What will I not do for you ?’1 I tried to place recent events of my life in order, to make sense of what was happening: At first, to draw my attention and curiosity God had sent my Angel. Then He made me hear Heaven’s melodies, giving me a glimpse of His Celestial Angelic Host in His Abode, and when I rejoiced in what I saw He dragged me out of the mud and without wasting time He charmed me, then without hesitation He roasted’ me in the first spiritual Fire only to cast me out immediately with my open blisters in the desert, disappearing together with my Angel and shutting Heaven; altogether abandoning me in the terrifying silence of the desert to suffer and moan alone; ignoring my desperation, ignoring my agony and my distress. Now from His hiding place’ He watched and waited in silence for my wailings of surrender. What have I done that You shy away from me like this? Just as I was opening my heart to You, my God, You ran away and hid.’ He did not reply. I wanted to be delivered but now in this desert I was surrounded only by shadows and phantasms, lifeless things that do not satisfy the soul. 2015 Map of dorset 2016.

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