2015 Map Of Denver

2015 Map of denver for The Purgatory of my separation from God had brought me to this Purgatory of the departed, where they too suffer from separation from God while they journey toward Him through a period of purification. As I journeyed into Purgatory, my attention focused not on my surroundings but on the departed souls themselves, males and females indistinguishable one from the other, roaming in large crowds. They all looked alike because of their suffering, sorrowful countenance. When they spotted me, they rushed towards me.

Like beggars do, they clung on to me; some voluntarily giving me their name.

2015 Map Of Denver Gallery Photos

2015 Map Of Denver

I recognized one of them, who desperately asked me for help. He had been a very distinguished and famous personality while on earth, much admired by the world.

2015 Map of denver 2016.

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