2015 Map of buenos aires

2015 Map of buenos aires for I ask people, Have you seen the cemetery? All these lying underground also thought that they were indispensable.’ The funny part is that in our ego and delusion many of us act as though we are so knowledgeable that no one could equal or contradict us: we have answers to everything. But in reality we know so little ? or nothing at all. Much of what we do and say is little more than pretence. The truth is that all our notions, all our strivings are worthless unless we recognize where our abilities spring from and hold fast to the knowledge that everything real and truly inspirational comes from One Source, and that is from God. So when God gives us signs, we should respect them and not question them. God told me: My Signs are not given to you to make a sensation on this earth; I solemnly ask all those who are after the sensational to come to Me humbly and pray. 2015 Map of buenos aires 2016.

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