2015 Map of budapeste

2015 Map of budapeste for ‘ 6 Don’t you think it’s strange that God would use you in that way?’ I am fully aware that I have been a horrible sinner, and I do not deserve to have the image of Jesus appear on me, as if I was like Him. Nevertheless, our Lord, who is Divine Truth and All Pure has chosen not only to prove that He is the Author of these Messages but when He appears to individuals it is because of the greatness of the love He has for us. Souls that have observed this glorious manifestation have burst into tears and repentance, and have been greatly strengthened in their faith. The first time this sign ever happened I was in the Philippines. I had been invited there to give my testimony and pass on the Message of God. While I was speaking, I suddenly noticed that the organizers and their friends, all seated in the front two rows, were squinting, their eyes partly closed. As it was late in the evening, I thought they were falling asleep. 2015 Map of budapeste 2016.

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