2015 Map of bled lake

2015 Map of bled lake for Rumors went around that I was lacking in humility, that I believed myself to be a theologian and that in my own way I was trying to create a parallel Church. This negative current reached all the way to the Vatican and it did us a great deal of harm. God’s warning resounded again in my ears: You will be My sacrifice, you will be My target; like hunters after their game they will hunt you and pull out their weapons pursuing you; they will rate you at a high cost for whosoever could destroy you.’5 At that time I met the Metropolitan of the Greek Orthodox Church of Geneva, who actually approached me and was eager to get to know me. He happened to come over to visit the Orthodox Church of Lausanne, where I lived, to celebrate the Liturgy, and when he saw me, with a broad smile he invited me to go to his office to see him. He had been asked to interview me by others who had met me. I went to see him, and we sat and talked and I told him my story in brief. 2015 Map of bled lake 2016.

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