2015 Map nicaragua

2015 Map nicaragua for When Daniel visited me, I could see him with the eyes of my soul, and knew it was he and only’ he. But God’s Presence was invisible, even within me. I did not see Him, I only felt His undeniable Presence in my heart. Daniel had told me I would be taught in the Courts of Yahweh’, in those Courts where Angelic powers have access to go in and out. I experienced an ineffable love and paternal compassion emanating from God. Yet not only this, His Ray of Light that enveloped my heart, mind and soul, was so bright and so powerful that it brought a peace that no one else could ever have given me, a peace only God can give even to the most agitated heart. And despite the power and Omnipotence of His Presence, He came to me with such simplicity, so delicately, and so paternally, that I was consumed in His Love. 2015 Map nicaragua 2016.

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