2015 Lawndale Theater Chicago

2015 Lawndale theater chicago for Imagine being in a bright, splendid and majestic court, and then abruptly being pulled down into soot and darkness. As it happens, I look around me, and as God once said, still dripping with Heavenly dew'10 I see the physical world with a heightened awareness, and how trivial things are. Things that I thought important and significant on earth are nothing compared to God's splendor. Once I was with a good friend of mine, and God called me.

He lifted my soul to His Heavenly Court while giving me a Message.

2015 Lawndale Theater Chicago Gallery Photos

2015 Lawndale Theater Chicago

When the Message was completed my friend came over to me and gave me a hug. In spite of being close friends, I found her touch unbearable at that moment, as I always do at such times.

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