2015 England roadmap

2015 England roadmap for ‘5 I continued my explanation: After all these years journeying with God, something beautiful welled up inside me and I’m sure that this was after I experienced the Day of the Lord. I was alone and deep in thought, thinking of God, when He made me realize in an instant and without any preparation or warning that I was created just for Him and that I did not even belong to my own family, not even to myself! I was free! Free from everything, free of the world. I cannot adequately describe how I came to be in this state of spirit. In a flash, the Lord made me understand that except for God I belonged to no one: I was His. At the moment I realized this, suddenly the conviction came of being a total stranger on earth and quite different, unique. I must admit that this feeling of total detachment and dispassion gave me great joy and at the same time a feeling of warmth and freedom mingled with security within me. If I believed in UFOs I would have said, I am an alien and I don’t belong among humans nor am I from this planet, for I feel different and yet no one suspects it. 2015 England roadmap 2016.

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