2015 Arizona journey

2015 Arizona journey for I spent the whole night thinking about what Jesus had asked me. I remembered how I had been in the past and how He had revealed my sinful life to me so that in the future I would sin no more. Before I met the Lord I belonged to the tribe of darkness and deception, but now His Majesty had brought me into the world of Light and Truth, so what had I to fear? So I made up my mind to go forward with blind faith and to surrender to God’s Will, plunging into a spiritual world that was quite unknown to me. As I would later learn from the Scriptures: who can be our adversary if God is on our side?’2 Having thought about the situation all night long, I came back to Jesus the next day, and turned His question around, Do You want me to serve You?’ Immediately, I felt His joy and quivering with emotion, He said: I do! I want it very much, Vassula. Come, I will show you how and where you can serve Me … 2015 Arizona journey 2016.

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