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2015 Alaska pictures for The Lord will ask me to account for not having obeyed Him and for not having done the things He communicated and commanded me to do! Have you seen the widespread loss of faith, and the people leaving the Churches? Is that not enough of a sign for you? His Vineyard has been neglected and has dried out, and for this reason, Christ, to show His Authority and His Power is calling the nobodies like me to form them and use them as His instruments to Christianize a de- Christianized society. Christ has stepped down from His icons to reform His Church and to revive it. He is the One who waters His Vineyard again; He is the One and only that will bring the Churches to reconcile with one another and bring peace to this world. Christ is known to take away the sight of those who claim they see and give sight to those who did not see!’ Then they would say, If you are sent by God, prove your humility by hiding yourself and all those sayings, stop parading yourself and your sayings around the world ?’ Years later, the Lord advised me how to answer these people in this way: To these people answer the following: I am not going to be like the wicked servant who hid his talent and then was condemned for having done nothing; on the contrary, I will multiply my talent and give glory to the One who entrusted it to me. I will pass on, not only to this generation this prodigious wonder, but the angels will carry the Words of God and will continue spreading them like a rain of seeds thrown from above to all future generations to renew God’s creation and embellish the Church; to sweeten the mouths of His children and open their mouths to praise Him; to open their eyes and enable them to examine their hearts; I am sealed by our Lord’s Divine Name all over me and I do not fear. I am His Loud Book declaring the same Truths our Lord has passed on to us, so nothing is new. I have nothing new that is of my own, brothers, but all that is said to me comes from Divine Knowledge and from the Mouth of the Triune God. 2015 Alaska pictures 2016.

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