10 Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore

10. Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands

9. Singapore Flyer

Singapore Zoo Breakfast with Orangutans

This post I’m at the Singapore Zoo, and I have a breakfast date with orangutan. There’s animals everywhere. All right, let’s see what’s being served up today. They really do have a huge assortment of food here. Hi guys, how’s your breakfast? What are you eating? Oh, 10 top tourist attractions in singapore looks like sunflower seeds. Oh look, and a little baby in the background. What a unique breakfast. now let’s meet some more animals. Oh they are so sweet.

Singapore Flyer

8. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Look at the giraffes, they’re feeding! What’s so great about this zoo is that it’s an open zoo concept, so there are minimal cages, and the animals get to roam freely in natural habitats. It’s nice to get up close, 10 top tourist attractions in singapore no cages in front of you, have your picture taken with them.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

7. Night Safari

This post has been such a fun day. My favorite parts probably had to be reading these giraffes reach their tall necks up into the sky. But the highlight was eating breakfast with the orangutans. This has been the most incredible day here at the Singapore Zoo.

Night Safari

6. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore has a reputation of being over the top. And today’s adventure is no exception. Here in this mall, in the middle of the desert, they have a ski resort. This post we’re going to Ski Singapore. Wow! Alright, this place is massive. There are so many parts.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

5. Gardens by the Bay

There’s a kid section in here. Some tubing. There’s tobogganing. You can roll down in a big snowy ball. We got a lot to do. Time to do some bobsledding. Here we go. While you’re here enjoying the snow, you can also experience the Ski Singapore Penguin Encounter.

4. Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel

3. Clarke Quay

Alright, it’s time to hop on the chair lift. I can’t believe how big this place is. There’s all sorts of people skiing. Beginners, experts, young, old. This place is for everybody. Alright, we’re almost to the top. I can’t wait. I got my skis. I got my boots. Let’s shred some powder. What an unforgettable day this has been. The snow is soft. The atmosphere is energizing. You have to try this when you come to Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay

Clarke Quay

2. Resorts World Sentosa

Resorts World Sentosa

1. Orchard Road

#1 of Tourist Attractions In Singapore


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