10 Greatest Natural Attractions in the World

We’re counting down our picks for the top 10 greatest natural wonders in the world. Are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at the most incredible areas of natural beauty on Earth. Let us know in the comments which one took your breath away.

Number ten, the Northern Lights

10 greatest natural attractions in the world

Unlike other natural wonders, there are lots of places around the world where you can witness the Northern Lights, and if you’re in the southern hemisphere, there are the southern lights to the most famous place to see the lights is in Scandinavia. If you head into the Arctic Circle areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland, but they’re also visible from parts of Scotland, Canada and Russia. The auroras occur when plasma ejected from the sun travels to earth as solar wind interacts with. Earth’s atmosphere to create the stunning show in the North, their best scene in the winter. If you plan your trip accordingly, you definitely won’t miss them.

9 Pamukkale, Turkey.

10 greatest natural attractions in the world 1

This stunning landscape is found in Western Turkey and was created by natural thermal springs close to the city itself. The terraces are made from debris left by the springs over thousands of years, creating calcium crystals globally. The waters at Pamukkale, like many Hot Springs are famous for their therapeutic purposes, not every pool there is able to be swam in, but many are it’s definitely worth the trek further out of the city to see the remarkable white terraces. Turkey is a relatively warm country year round, but visiting Pamukkale’s pools will make you feel as though you’re surrounded by ice in a surreal experience.

Number eight, Antarctica.

10 greatest natural attractions in the world 2

It’s the world’s largest desert and the most mysterious continent on Earth. With an enormous landmass. Yet until the last few centuries, we didn’t even know Antarctica actually existed. It’s also the only continent that was truly discovered because it’s never had an indigenous human population. This vast expanse of ice and mountains is populated by plenty of incredible wildlife. Despite how barren it seems, including emperor Penguins. The largest species of Penguin Antarctica also boasts huge mountains, volcanoes and even the famous blood falls. A copper red frozen waterfall full of unearthly Algy. The only downside is that it’s difficult to reach Antarctica, but that doesn’t make it any less wondrous.

7 Zhangjiajie National Forest, China.

This huge region of natural beauty was actually China’s first National Park, and it’s certainly deserving of that. Honor Zhangjiajie is characterized by its extremely tall and thin mountains covered in tropical foliage. These mountainous pillars are a distinct part of Chinese culture and have been marveled upon for thousands of years. There are plenty of ways to see what Jung Jae has to offer, too, including the world’s tallest outdoor elevator itself. Arguably a man-made wonder of the world and the incredible glass bridge, which is also the highest of its kind. If you want a birds eye view of this amazing landscape, the park is happy to oblige.

6 Lake Baikal, Russia.

10 greatest natural attractions in the world 3

Rift lakes are enormous bodies of water that form as tectonic plates are pulled apart, which makes them extraordinarily deep, the deepest of all is Russia’s Lake Baikal, the oldest lake in the entire world? It’s over 5000 feet deep and contains 5000 cubic miles of water, a fifth of all the freshwater on Earth. But there is yet more. Lake Baikal has a lot to offer, especially if you visit it. Winter when it freezes over ISIS, sturdy and thick enough that you can walk and ice skate across it. And though visiting Siberia in the winter isn’t for the faint of heart, you won’t regret seeing Baikal at its most beautiful.

5 Great Barrier Reef Australia.

10 greatest natural attractions in the world 4

The largest coral reef system anywhere in the world. The Great Barrier Reef is famously visible from outer space. It’s so big, in fact, that it covers the same area as 70 million soccer fields. Some of the exotic species that call the reef home include mantis shrimps, humpback whales, humpback dolphins, clownfish, and of course sea turtles. Unfortunately, the Great Barrier Reef is under threat from pollution as huge sections. Corals die each year. Hopefully things start to look a little brighter for the reef in the future. In the meantime, conservation minded tourists can visit and go scuba diving to see the corals and critters.

Number. 4 Paddy, Coutinho, Mexico

10 greatest natural attractions in the world 5

One unfortunate farmer in Mexico had the shock of his life when an entire volcano began to erupt and rise out of the ground in his field. The nearby village of Paddy Katene was destroyed by the volcano. Continually erupted and five years on it was about the same height as the Empire State Building. Today the volcano has mostly ceased to be a disruptive influence and has brought a lot of tourism to Mexico, but Ecotin versus other volcanoes makes the list of natural wonders of the world purely because of how spectacularly it erupted. Never before or since. Have we been able to witness the entire birth of a volcano?

3 The Grand Canyon, Arizona

10 greatest natural attractions in the world 6

Arguably the United States is the most incredible natural landmark. The Grand Canyon stretches for miles through Arizona, carved over millions of years by the Colorado River. Annually, millions of people flocked to the American Southwest to see and explore the Canyon, which is almost 280 miles long and a mile deep. At some point. It’s also full of fossils and it’s incredible depth. Enables a view of the regions. Entire geographical history through its many layers of rock making it invaluable for paleontologists and geologists. The Canyon is so stunning it’s long been a deeply sacred site for many Native Americans.

2 Mount Everest

10 greatest natural attractions in the world 7

The highest mountain on Earth, Mount Everest is the jewel of the Himalayas, towering 29,000 feet over Nepal and China. Everest and the many other tall mountains that exist in the mountain range are stunning to see, no matter from where you look at it. Whether that’s standing on the summit, flying overhead or staring up from Basecamp, it’s been attracting brave climbers from outside the region for decades, though it has always been home to the indigenous Sherpa. People climbing it certainly isn’t for everyone, since hundreds have died during the ascent over the years. But you can still appreciate the beauty of Everest, even if you’re not able to attempt the feat yourself.

Number one. Victoria Falls, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

10 greatest natural attractions in the world 8

Lying on the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe, where the long Zambezi River crosses the border. You’ll find Victoria Falls widely regarded as the largest waterfall in the world. The long cascade reaches. An astonishing width of 5000 feet and over 350 feet high at its tallest point, it’s significantly larger than Niagara Falls, one of its most famous spots is the Devil’s Pool, a rock pool at the edge of the waterfalls plateau that is safe from the river. Current and let’s swimmers visit the waterfall personally. You’ll definitely still want to be very careful, but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity you’ll never forget.

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