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10 cheapest places to travel for With the NYSE firmly established as the new nation’s center for trade, not even the great fire of 1837 could derail it. The NYSE’s original home at a rented room on 40 Wall Street was eventually abandoned. The market panic of 1857 saw market value decline 45 percent during the year. The collapse of the Ohio Life Insurance & Trust Company led to an 8 percent drop in a single session during the year. The market did re-establish itself but only with the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR of 1861 65. Trading securities of seceding states was suspended and along with war bonds, this move helped doom the Southern economy during the war. The name of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) became official in 1863, replacing the cumbersome New York Stock & Exchange Board (NYS&B). 10 cheapest places to travel 2016.

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