10 Best Honeymoon Destination


Best time to go: December – Ajp'ril.

WARM AND SUNNY FOR MOST OF THE YEAR, EXPECT MORE tropical showers between June and November and the occasional chance of hurricanes during these months.

What will the weather be like on your honeymoon? Use this handy guide to help you with that all-important destination decision.

ASANTLYWARM IN INGANDAUTUMN, temperatures rising in ieak months of July and ust, it's a no-brainer!

WARM AND DRY ALL YEAR ROUND, TEMPERATURES can exceed 40C in summer months so our winter is a better time to go.



During the rainy season (April to June and October to December), showers can be heavy but they don't tend to last long. For the best chance of seeing the Great Migration, go to the Serengeti from November to July and the Maasai Mara July to October.


Best time to go:

THERE ARE SEASONAL VARIATIONS BETWEEN beacli resorts, so seek careful advice. In general, November to March is drier and cooler, with Koh Samui faring best during the summer months.

INDONESIA Best time to go:

A FIRM FAVOURITE WITH SUMMER HONEYMOONERS, there is little rain between May and September.

SEYCHELLES Best time to go:

COOLER AND DRIER IN OURSUMMER MONTHS, it's a great choice for a summer honeymoon. The rainy season is December to March but showers tend to be brief so the Seychelles is really a year-round option.


Best time to go:

COOLERIN OURSUMMER AND WARMER IN OUR winter, there is no real rainy season here but showers are possible throughout the year (usually short-lived).

Diving? Go between December and March.


Best time to go:

VARIABLE BY COAST, HEAD EAST IN OUR summer and west in our winter.

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10 Best Honeymoon Destination

Temperatures remain fairly constant all year. April-September are better for travelling around the heart of Sri Lanka.


Best time to go:

THERE'S LITTLE VARIATION IN TEMPERATURE THROUGHOUT the year but the driest months are November to April. With plenty of sunshine and good deals on offer between May and October, don't dismiss a summer trip though.

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