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Ñ‚ÑÑ?Þ¿ß¿Ö‘?Ñ‘¿ß‘ ?߿ޠсш?Ѝ on Some customers are not particular in their tastes and choices. They could say on some occasions: I need a book to read during my next trip, or We need some music for the party. They won’t say: I absolutely need the new boxed set of the Rolling Stones. Their respective requirements and criteria are, in some cases, simple: something to use (or read or listen to) that is not bad and not too expensive. Sometimes, consumers will just look at the bestsellers in each category of product to make their choice more rapidly. Supply and demand. The adequacy between needs and availability, SUPPLY and DEMAND, is not always in perfect balance. Ñ‚ÑÑ?Þ¿ß¿Ö‘?Ñ‘¿ß‘ ?߿ޠсш?Ѝ 2016.

Ñ‚ÑÑ?Þ¿ß¿Ö‘?Ñ‘¿ß‘ ?߿ޠсш?Ѝ Holiday Map Q.

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