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MAJORCA LOCATION :, Largest of the Balearic group of islands, Majorca lies 135 miles south of Barcelona in the Mediterranean. CHARACTERISTICS: Set in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, Majorca is a land of eternal spring where medieval architectural splendor rubs shoulders with the

Dublin City

Dublin 2015 MOTION PICTURES : 1 The Irish are among the greatest Hollywood fans in all Europe; cinemas with good pictures abound. In Dublin some of the leading cinemas, the Savoy, Carlton, Capital, Metropole and Adelphi, are all on O’Connell Street, the Grafton on

Berlin City

Berlin 2015 Also in this region you won’t want to miss Duesseldorf, gay metropolis on the Rhine, a great business center known as the “Desk of the Ruhr.” A walk through town will show the interesting contrast between old and new architecture, most striking.

Hovedstaden City

Hovedstaden 2015 Dinner is served about 7:00 p.m., lunch at noon and breakfast from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. in most restaurants. You can eat three very good meals a day in Copenhagen for about four dollars. SHOPS AND STORES: I Copenhagen is one of

The Portobello Hotel 9

22 Stanley Gardens, W11 Luxurious furnishings include round beds, Moroccan cushions and a Victorian claw-foot tub right in the middle of the room… pi86The Portobello Hotel – London – Yallabook alltravel8The Portobello Hotel, London | alltravel8The Portobello Hotel, London, UK – alltravel8

Plantation Agriculture

In the Southern coastal areas, large plantations grew up around the increasingly important and successful tobacco crop. Prior to its introduction in Virginia, all tobacco for English or European markets came from the Caribbean. In 1612, John Rolfe learned how to farm and cure

American Coffee

The use of coffee originated in Ethiopia and expanded to Arabia and elsewhere, beginning in the fifteenth century. Coffee initially became known in Europe as a commodity that was exchanged between the Muslim traders whom European merchants did business with. Adopted by Europeans in

London hotels

In this eclectic city, your choice of accommodation sets the tone for your visit. Would you like a classy residence in Chelsea, close to the boutiques? Or is high-voltage Covent Garden, right in the centre, more your style? Perhaps you’d like to sample the

College of Rhode Island (Brown)

The College of Rhode Island, another product of the Great Awakening, was chartered in 1764 by the Baptist denomination. The Baptists gained a foothold in New England in 1639, twenty-five years after their founding in the Netherlands by British Separatists, when Roger Williams, who

Daughters of Liberty

Daughters of Liberty were women who took actions to support resistance to Britain before and during the American Revolution. There was no official organization, although the name was obviously intended to be a parallel to the Sons of Liberty. Throughout the war, an individual


Traditionalist Puritan leaders, troubled by the tendency toward modern science and a lessening of religious stringency at Harvard, felt the need for an institution that adhered to traditional Congregationalism. Not long after the establishment of William and Mary in the South, New England saw


The public health crisis that emerged in America’s early history can, in part, be traced to precipitating conditions in England. The practice of “enclosure,” essentially land ownership, caused about half the rural peasantry of England to lose their lands between 1530 and 1630. The

Italy Map Tourist Attractions

Gender Roles The divide between the sexes is still very deep in Italy. Men and women are different, and neither seems very disappointed in their role. Men are expected to be aggressive in courting women, and women are expected to parry with coquettish nonchalance,

Map of Italy

A HEALTHY ATTITUDE The common stereotype about the cheese-eating and cigarette-smoking continentals is that they live life to the fullest and damn the consequences. It is true that diet soft drinks have little place in Europe and gyms still aren’t quite as widespread as

Italy Map

Anyway, who cares about class in this day and age? On the face of it, Italians seem so egalitarian and unassuming that you wouldn’t think it matters a lick. But it does matter, and nowhere is pedigree more important than in the workplace, where