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MAJORCA LOCATION :, Largest of the Balearic group of islands, Majorca lies 135 miles south of Barcelona in the Mediterranean. CHARACTERISTICS: Set in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, Majorca is a land of eternal spring where medieval architectural splendor rubs shoulders with the

Dublin City

Dublin 2015 MOTION PICTURES : 1 The Irish are among the greatest Hollywood fans in all Europe; cinemas with good pictures abound. In Dublin some of the leading cinemas, the Savoy, Carlton, Capital, Metropole and Adelphi, are all on O’Connell Street, the Grafton on

Berlin City

Berlin 2015 Also in this region you won’t want to miss Duesseldorf, gay metropolis on the Rhine, a great business center known as the “Desk of the Ruhr.” A walk through town will show the interesting contrast between old and new architecture, most striking.

Hovedstaden City

Hovedstaden 2015 Dinner is served about 7:00 p.m., lunch at noon and breakfast from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. in most restaurants. You can eat three very good meals a day in Copenhagen for about four dollars. SHOPS AND STORES: I Copenhagen is one of


I. Dioceses – II. Parishes – III. Ecclesiastical provinces – IV. Patriarchates. I. Dioceses. The term diocese is derived from Roman public law: a dioecesis was a vast area of several provinces, ruled by a vicarius. In the ecclesiastical sphere the term “diocese” dioi,khsij


The Easter homilies of the Fathers occupy a place of special importance in the ancient corpus of homilies for two reasons: 1 After the week-long celebration of the Lord’s death and resurrection, from the beginning of Christianity, Easter was not only the most ancient


The double name of this great caravan station on the Euphrates river, while recalling its pre-Hellenistic founding in Akkadian duru = wall, also evokes its acquisition by the Macedonian Seleucus I Nicator who, “founding” the city no later than 312 BC, gave to it


A monastery near Braga province of Gallaecia. Its presence dates from shortly after 550, the date of the arrival in those lands of its founder and first abbot St. Martin of Dumium or Braga, at the same time as the conversion of the Suevi

DOSITHEUS of Samaria

Our knowledge of Dositheus from patristic, Jewish and Arab sources is confused, contradictory and in some cases manifestly legendary. The practical impossibility of reconciling all the sources has led some authors given in McL. Wilson to postulate more than one person of this name.

DOMITIAN of Ancyra

Hegumen of the Palestinian cenobium of Martyrius, he and Theodore Askidas led the Origenists of Palestine in the first decades of the 6th c. Thanks to the influence of Leontius of Byzantium, Domitian was designated by Justinian as bishop of Ancyra ca. 540. When


Titus Flavius Domitian, Vespasian’s second son, emperor of Rome from 81 the year of his brother Titus’s death to 96. He adopted a popular policy, in contrast to the strictly conservative policy of the first two Flavii. A devotee of the cults of Isis,


It is clear that the divinization of human beings was a fundamental theme of patristics, esp. the Greek. Unfortunately, its consideration by Ritschl and his followers as, along with sacramentalism, a typical case of the Hellenization of the gospel, means that to this day


Before his death Pope Felix IV 526–530 nominated the deacon Boniface as his successor, conferring upon him the episcopal pallium. The Byzantine party, however, succeeded in installing the Alexandrian deacon Dioscorus, who had previously been an effective diplomat, in his place. Most of the

DIONYSIUS of Corinth

Our only chronological certainty about this bishop of Corinth is that he wrote to Bishop Soter of Rome 166–175. Eusebius had eight letters written by Dionysius and one addressed to him; he cites or summarizes them in HE 4, 23. They show that Dionysius

DIODORE of Tarsus

A native of Antioch and pupil of Silvanus of Tarsus and Eusebius of Emesa, Diodore completed his studies at Athens. A monk and then priest in his city, he had occasion to dispute with the emperor Julian 362– 363. In the Antiochene schism he