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MAJORCA LOCATION :, Largest of the Balearic group of islands, Majorca lies 135 miles south of Barcelona in the Mediterranean. CHARACTERISTICS: Set in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, Majorca is a land of eternal spring where medieval architectural splendor rubs shoulders with the

Dublin City

Dublin 2015 MOTION PICTURES : 1 The Irish are among the greatest Hollywood fans in all Europe; cinemas with good pictures abound. In Dublin some of the leading cinemas, the Savoy, Carlton, Capital, Metropole and Adelphi, are all on O’Connell Street, the Grafton on

Berlin City

Berlin 2015 Also in this region you won’t want to miss Duesseldorf, gay metropolis on the Rhine, a great business center known as the “Desk of the Ruhr.” A walk through town will show the interesting contrast between old and new architecture, most striking.

Hovedstaden City

Hovedstaden 2015 Dinner is served about 7:00 p.m., lunch at noon and breakfast from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. in most restaurants. You can eat three very good meals a day in Copenhagen for about four dollars. SHOPS AND STORES: I Copenhagen is one of


According to the Epistula Apostolorum early 2nd c., Cerinthus and Simon Magus were considered among the pseudo-apostles 1 12 and 7 18. Another old tradition says that the apostle John fled from the baths at Ephesus when he heard that Cerinthus was present in


Bishop of Castellum Ripense in Africa, present at the dramatic debate ordered by the Vandal king Huneric between Catholic and Arian bishops in February 484. Wrote a Libellus contra Maximinum arrianum, in which various questions put by the Arians are resolved by the Catholics


Gnostic heretic, active at Rome in the mid-2nd c. According to Irenaeus Adv. haer. I, 27,1, Cerdo arrived in the capital under Pope Hyginus 138–142 and there taught heretical doctrines, according to which the creator God, just and knowable, revealed in the law of


According to the purely legendary passio dated to the late 5th c., since it depends on Victor of Vita, Cecilia was a Roman virgin of the noble family of the Caecilii. She was beheaded together with her fiancé Valerian and his brother Tiburtius, but


Noun and adjective meaning “universal.” When referred to the church, the term specifies one of its most prestigious characteristics, that it is not national or local by foundation, but open to all. Believers in Christ who acknowledge the bishop of Rome as the supreme


Hippolytus II v. Rom: RAC 15, 524-526, in which the catechumen audiens hears catechesis for three years cathecumeni per tres annos audiant, given by lay teachers didascali or clergy ch. 17, ed. Botte; V. Saxer, 221-232; prayer follows the catechesis. The context seems to


Introduction – I. Etymology and meaning – II. First and second centuries – III. Third century – IV. Fourth and fifth centuries – V. Sixth century – VI. Seventh century. Introduction. We will confine ourselves to elementary oral religious instruction, especially as it was


Followers of Montanus, so called from the place where this heretical movement began, between Mysia and Phrygia. According to the Muratorian fragment 4, they had writings through which they spread their doctrines. The sect was founded in the 2nd c.: the name “Montanists” was


I. History – II. Christian origins and antiquity – III. Christian topography – IV. Bishops – V. Councils. Carthage is situated at the end of an irregular peninsula, between the sea and two salt lakes. The city is centered on the hill of Byrsa


One of the 12 bishops present the 11th signatory at the 1st Council of Saragossa 380, held against the Priscillianists at the time of Pope Damasus; his see is unknown. No other Bishop Carterius is known after that council. He may be the Carterius