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MAJORCA LOCATION :, Largest of the Balearic group of islands, Majorca lies 135 miles south of Barcelona in the Mediterranean. CHARACTERISTICS: Set in the blue waters of the Mediterranean, Majorca is a land of eternal spring where medieval architectural splendor rubs shoulders with the

Dublin City

Dublin 2015 MOTION PICTURES : 1 The Irish are among the greatest Hollywood fans in all Europe; cinemas with good pictures abound. In Dublin some of the leading cinemas, the Savoy, Carlton, Capital, Metropole and Adelphi, are all on O’Connell Street, the Grafton on

Berlin City

Berlin 2015 Also in this region you won’t want to miss Duesseldorf, gay metropolis on the Rhine, a great business center known as the “Desk of the Ruhr.” A walk through town will show the interesting contrast between old and new architecture, most striking.

Hovedstaden City

Hovedstaden 2015 Dinner is served about 7:00 p.m., lunch at noon and breakfast from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. in most restaurants. You can eat three very good meals a day in Copenhagen for about four dollars. SHOPS AND STORES: I Copenhagen is one of

According to Wessel

Native American agriculture fed the first colonists at Jamestown and Plymouth and largely accounted for their survival. Native American crops and farming techniques sustained the early settlements and provided the United States and a good portion of the world with its most prolific feed

Crescent Hotel

49-50 Cartwright Gardens, WC1 Guests have access to the tennis courts opposite, and can even borrow racquets. pi8iCrescent Hotel – ScatterJaw alltravel8The Haunting History of the Crescent Hotel alltravel8The Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa, Bath alltravel8

American Fish and Fisheries

Fisheries were critical to both the subsistence and economies of colonial North America. French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English fishermen were visiting the fisheries off Newfoundland as early as the sixteenth century, while various Native American tribes were using the same sites much earlier. Although

London Bridge Hotel

8-18 London Bridge Street, SE1 Free entry to the adjoining gym is among the facilities here. You could also just as easily go for a jog by the river. pi8pLondon Bridge Hotel, UK – London Bridge Hotel, London | Mercure London Bridge


To the first Europeans, the Americas presented a greatly varied topography and climate, as well as a vast array of flora and fauna. The Caribbean, first encountered and settled by Spaniards in the early sixteenth century, consists of small and large islands, many quite

Columbian Exchange

Historian Alfred W. Crosby coined the phrase “Columbian Exchange” in 1972 to describe the significant biological consequences of the meeting of Europe and the Americas in the 1490s and beyond. Since Crosby’s landmark study, scholars have expanded the concept to include the cultural and

American Connecticut

Prior to the seventeenth century, Connecticut was home to sixteen Native American tribes, all members of the larger Algonquin confederation. Among these tribes were the Podunk near Hartford, the Niantic along Long Island Sound, the Quinnipiac near Milford, the Pequot in the Southeast, and

Anglo-Indian Conflict

As mentioned, Virginia had been at peace with most of its native neighbors for three decades. A brisk trade in deerskins had allowed Native Americans access to the trade goods they desired, and the colonial legislature, mainly friends of Berkeley, reaped the profits. In